Rachel Lamine is a 20-something travel junky, teaching English at Big Apple Preschool in Qingdao, China. She is excited to share her experiences living, working, and traveling in Asia through this blog. She realizes that while she is a teacher instead of a student for the first time in her life, living abroad will teach her more than anything she could learn in school.

Rachel graduated with a BA in English from Grove City College in May of 2014, and is currently pursuing her life goal to visit all seven continents. All she has left to visit are Africa and Antarctica, and though she hates cold weather, she is prepared to do what it takes to reach her goal. Eventually. Probably when she has enough money for a comfy cruise to the south pole. She has visited 17 countries, and lived in four (China, Germany, Australia, and the US).

In her spare time Rachel enjoys reading, writing, biking, hiking, talking, and listening to other people’s life stories.

You can read about her experiences studying abroad in Berlin, Germany in Spring 2013 here: http://asemesterinberlin.blogspot.com/

Follower her book review blog here: http://saya1450.wordpress.com/


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