Labor Day Shenanigans


This past weekend was the May 1st holiday, or Chinese Labor day, when the entirety of China has time off and uses that time to travelo. Qingdao, as a seaside destination, is flooded with tourists from the central cities and villages, many of whom have never seen a foreigner. The tourist areas were teaming with people people everywhere, and we were asked to be in pictures far more than usual. There was also the occasional surreptitious-under-the-arm-im-totally-not-photographing-you picture, which I would often call out in Chinese much to the embarrassment of the photographer.


We also attempted to photo bomb people on Zhanqiao pier and actually got photo bombed in return.


My friend Madi–who is actually a friend of a friend–also visited from Zibo and we had the pleasure of showing her around our crazy city. We also tried eating starfish which you can see in the video I posted a few days ago.


It was a great holiday weekend overall, but I am not looking forward to the millions of people who will swarm the beach as the weather continues to warm up.


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