Cat Cafe


My friend Holly and I discovered a cat cafe last week, where you can drink coffee and hang out with twenty cats who live in the cafe. They were all very friendly and well taken care of. Kind of interesting considering Chinese usually don’t like cats, and they are eaten in some parts of the country.






3 thoughts on “Cat Cafe

  1. Actually it’s a misconception that Chinese don’t like cats due to those parts of the country that kill and eat cats :X after all the cat is a symbol of luck not just in Japan but also in China 🙂


    • I was speaking more from personal experience with my Chinese friends here. I suppose they don’t dislike cats, it’s more that they are not used to them as pets. When I asked my roommate last year if she could possibly watch a friend’s cat while they were on vacation she responded with “do I have to walk it?”

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      • LOL. That does sound a bit like my Vietnamese friend who I once asked to look after my two and I got the “do they need food every day?!?”

        so yes you are right there is a certain amount of people in those countries that don’t know how great it is to have an animal companion. 😦


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