Facebook Anecdotes: October Edition

I share a lot about my life in on Facebook. I update it almost daily, far more regularly than my blog. A lot of you might not know that I actually had to move apartments two weeks after returning to China. I am now in a shared apartment with four other Chinese girls, none who speak English. Its certainly been an adjustment, but, if anything, it will help my Chinese language skills. Those of you who follow me on Facebook have seen those updates.

For those of you who aren’t friends with me on Facebook, or just don’t have one, you often go weeks without hearing anything from me. I post the funny little things that strike me about my day, or awkward encounters or cultural misunderstandings, or strange happenings. I realized that I am completely missing that aspect of life in China in my blog. So, for those of you who don’t follow Facebook as closely as I do, here are some of the anecdotes I’ve posted since I returned to China.

October 1 at 4:01PM
Got a new water heater installed in the bathroom, but the plug didn’t fit in the socket so I couldn’t shower. Got the handy man from my school to come in and cut the holes bigger to fit the stupid plug… Just another typical day in China.

October 14 at 11:07PM
Was walking to the bus when I saw one of my three-year-old students and her mom. My student saw me and ran toward me with her arms open. Her mom told me that she said I was her favorite teacher. 🙂

October 15 at 10:24PM
Apparently my Chinese is much better than I thought. I had the most in depth conversation I’ve ever had in Chinese tonight with a taxi driver who had an extremely thick country accent. We talked about a) apartment expenses in the US vs China, b) marriage age, customs, and how much parents help a couple get started in the US vs China, c) migrant workers coming from Mexico to the US, d) and how interracial marriage (mainly black and white) is viewed in the US and China, and whether or not my parents would be okay with it. Chinese language win for Rachel!

October 16
Screenshot (26)

October 17
Screenshot (25)

October 18

Screenshot (24)
Screenshot (23)

October 24 at 6:24PM
My phone conversation (in Chinese) with the water guy went something like this.

Me: I’d like one jug of water.
Water guy: Okay. Where?
Me: * gives address
Water guy: * asks something I don’t understand *
Me: Um, I’m a foreigner.
Water guy: Oh! You! I know where you live! * names address.

And that’s the life of a foreigner in China…I’m the only white person for miles so EVERYONE knows where I live.

October 26
Screenshot (20)

October 29
Screenshot (19)

October 29
Screenshot (21)

As many of you have probably heard, China has changed its one child policy that has ravaged this country for 35 years to a two child policy. Here was my initial response to that, as well as some article responses I found particularly poignant.

October 30 at 8:10AM
As someone who has directly seen the effects of this policy in China, this is mind blowing in some respects, but also not entirely surprising. The one child laws have been relaxing significantly in the past decade, and some Chinese have simply hidden their second child anticipating that the laws would slacken (friends of a friend did this).


 October 31

Screenshot (22)

There you have it folks! The things you missed if you aren’t on Facebook! I hope you enjoyed these little anecdotes and I think I’m going to try and do this every month. It helps me have a recap of my month myself.


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