As I’ve mentioned before, I live in the northern part of Qingdao. The area is more “Chinese” and so you get a slew of interesting sights that you don’t get as much in the downtown area of the city. I went on a walk just around the corner for my apartment complex, and this is what I found.

20151002_130941 20151002_131108 20151002_131141 20151002_131650 20151002_131728 20151002_132144 20151002_132430 20151002_132525 20151002_132811 20151002_132855 20151002_134055 20151002_134137 20151002_134149 20151002_134211 20151002_135242


One thought on “Licun

  1. I’ve wanted to explore back there behind that huge new development ever since we first moved here (but just don’t have time to run around with my camera like I used to!). I wondered if that’s where it was when I saw these photos come through FB.


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